View Full Version : has anyone done any biz with best buy?

12-23-09, 03:51 AM
hello gents!

got a brand new XM satellite radio for my birthday and since its so damn cold out im considering using best buys installation service. has anyone had any experiences with best buy? good or bad i would like to know

12-30-09, 02:05 PM

My brother get a Alpine headunit + power pack amp + 2 sets of JL audio components installed in an '01 Suburban and they seemed to figure everything out. I think it depends on the specific person you get at the specific BestBuy that you go to. I think a basic XM radio install should be easy enough for them...esp if it is going to be hooked up via an FM Modulator. Some more advanced stuff might be better to get done at a higher end place though.

The thing that I like about BestBuy is that it is a big retail establishment and they should have enough resources/the ability to warranty any work done. I think your best bet is do what my brother did and go in to the store ahead of time and talk with the installer. This way you can ask for a manager or a more experienced installer if the one you speak with doesn't see up to the task.