: White Clear taillights

12-22-09, 11:03 PM
A few observations i've seen lately and today are there are quite a few new CTS's on cars.com with the clear tail lamps direct from the dealer. I thought these were for export models and I know you can order them but is GM doing this from the factory??
On the way home tonight I was passed by a black CTS (not V) loaded HID's,polished wheels and also clear tail lights but the weird part was in the middle lower part of the bumper were red reflector looking like lights, I followed to see if they light up with the brakes but they did not. Now Ive seen youtube vids of the guy in dubai racing and seen them lit on the V .
On a side note if you did not know the signal lights lite up amber rather than red it was a neat surprise as I was behind .

12-23-09, 09:24 AM
Yeah, I've seen those clear tail lights on one of the European test CTS-Vs that C&D or R&T tested. I thought they looked cool, and I normally don't go for that kind of thing. I might eventually replace mine with the clear ones.

12-23-09, 09:41 AM
That third light turns on with the fog lights i believe. They look good in person. Maybe one of the uae guys will trade us ours for thiers. :) So we can be different.