: need tranny parts advise

12-22-09, 05:14 AM
Ive got my rora powertrain out
ready for a crate motor swap.
I would like to do some PM on the
trans to head off any future problems.
Trans works fine with 80k on it but
while its out I want to replace anything
thats problematic.
So far Ive figured on the Turbine input speed sensor.
any other suggestions?

12-26-09, 01:36 PM
TCC solenoid and side cover filter and gasket are two things that come to mind.

At only 80,000 miles, it is hardly broken in. You might just be replacing good parts.

01-01-10, 10:02 AM
Ask yourself this
would you replace the motor with a new one,
and 10K later pull everything back out for a $30 part?

I bit the bullet and replaced everything electrical inside the tranny.
The A B solenoids are easy to get to so wont do them.
Its ridiculous what Ive gone thru to get parts for a 4T80E.
ISS was wrong(pigtail too short), axle seals wrong(maybe for a 4T65?)
No one stocks the right axle seal,only the left.
Main filter and side cover gasket not available locally(Delco doesnt even list the filter)
I bought a Delco "filter kit" only to get strainers and pan gasket.
Have had a 95 that the ISS failed,as Ive heard of many others that did on perfectly good trans,
so Im not taking any chances.