: Question for Wait4Me (Jesse) about rocker arms

12-21-09, 01:57 PM
For such a simple (1 hour) mod, what type of power gains are you seeing from the 1.85 rocker upgrade with stock boost?


12-21-09, 02:34 PM
Hi Mark,

IT basically moves the lift of the camshaft to the 550lift range. Increase is usually in the 18 horsepower all the way accross the entire rpm range. I usually put them on for the improved valvtrain geometry and side load. Having shaft mount style takes alot of side load off the brackets. Plus alot better than stock bolts, AND it takes single loads off of the single bolt on each rocker and helps apply the strength of 2 mounting bolts instead of one... Which also increases top end strength near the spring area for stronger springs when on ported heads that have less material in that general area..

12-21-09, 04:33 PM
thanks as always for the good info.