: 88 Brougham, RR Power Window Switch

12-20-09, 04:29 PM

I have a 1988 Brougham with a temperamental right rear window switch. The window rolls up and down from the drivers door all the time. The window rolls up and down from the rear door switch about 10% of the time, mostly when cold.

It sounded like a circuit breaker to me. So, I checked and replaced the window circuit breaker on the fuse panel, which has not stopped the problem. The one on the motor looks like an integral one, so I can't really check that, but again, the master switch always works, and it's the door switch that doesn't.

I have switched switches from the left rear door to the right rear door and this hasn't helped. I checked the wires inside the door, including at the motor itself, and at the bend of the door from the lower door to the car, and there appears to be no shorts on any of the wires. The series works properly in that when I unplug the right rear switch, the master switch doesn't work, and when I plug the rear one back in, the master switch works.

Does anyone have any ideas, or a fix (including a duct tape type band aid)?


Robin Banx
12-21-09, 08:58 PM
Given all that you've said and the things you've tried, I'd say that that the trouble with the door switch is that the power feed wire to the switch is open somewhere in the area of the boot at the hinge pillar. Given that the driver's remote switch always operates the window, I would take a jumper wire from the cigarette lighter in the RR door and run it to the window switch. Because that RR switch will always be hot, I can't say if that hot feed will cause any other windows to operate when the key is off, but the RR one will. Then if you decide to fix it properly, you will know pretty well where to find the fault.
Anyhow, give it a try before spending any money on it.