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12-19-09, 04:33 PM
I called a Specialty Cadillac shop here in milwaukee where i live and asked them if i could bring them a northstar block and have them install the stud kit from northstarperformance they said NO!!. We use timeserts and we charge$2,500 bucks with warranty for the job i said how about Norm's serts then they said they never heard of them. Can i trust those timeserts??

12-19-09, 04:40 PM
Go to a local machine/engine shop which rebuilds everything from lawnmowers to Chevys. Get a quote on installing the stud kit. It's nothing magical - any decent engine shop can do it. If the boutique Cadillac people are in a snit and don't want to try, you'll get it done a LOT cheaper at a decent local machine shop.

Given the option of Norm's Inserts or Jake's studs, forget Timeserts.

(All this assumes that you "bring them a Northstar block...............")

12-19-09, 05:26 PM
Im going to go that route with the machine shop im just waiting for the right deville to come around. I saw a 97-99 deville vintage edition concours vogue everything at the mall 2 days ago. I said to myself thats the one!! hopefully i can find like that

12-19-09, 07:13 PM
95 miles away in Rockford, Illinois, is a shop called Wick Automotive. Brad Wick is the man to speak to,

2201 Harrison Avenue,
Rockford Illinois
Phone: 815-227-4289.

The studs are simple enough to install yourself if you're already removing the engine. Head work is rarely required. But if you don't have the time yourself, call Brad, see if he will do this for you. He will do the whole HG job for you if you request, for less than a dealership's price. I don't know exactly what he charges but he's an ex-GM Tech who started his own shop.

12-19-09, 10:32 PM
Thats good to know thanks eldocoupe, i'll definetly will be giving em a call. or maybe ill do it myself? I dont know at least i have an option