View Full Version : Rear Headrest removal

12-16-09, 06:54 PM
I have a car seat in the back seat and was wondering if there is a way to remove the headrest? Mine is a 2009 if that matters.

12-16-09, 10:58 PM
Yes they do come out.

12-17-09, 09:09 AM
Great! How? I've pushed the release button and as far as I can tell it only releases for going down. Have you actually removed yours? Anyone? It has to come out, I just need to know how so I don't break the dang thing.
Thanks for anyone's help.

12-17-09, 11:43 AM
Drive through the service bay with your baby strapped into his/her child seat in the back seat, preferably screaming, :crying2: and they should have it out in about 2 seconds. Just kidding about the screaming kid, but it can be an effective tool. :D Your service advisor should be able to help.


12-17-09, 12:03 PM
very small allen wrench, there is a hole on i think the right side. on the base of it. put allen wrench in, pull out.

12-18-09, 12:17 PM
Leija 01, you are the man! I used a Snap-On "pick" tool end that just pushed in on the hole located on the inboard side and it came right up!
I was going to attempt the screaming kid as an alternative if I wasn't successful on removing it myself, but fortunately I did not have to.