View Full Version : Another BMW thread; the 6 returns to the 7.

12-16-09, 06:54 PM
2011 7 Series to offer 6-cylinder option again.


Sweet. :cool2: This'll have more horsepower and torque than the E38 740's 4.4L V8, offer a greater torque curve and be better on gas.

The Tony Show
12-16-09, 06:59 PM
Oh noes- they're using a 6 cylinder that's shared with other products they make in a flagship car?? This is going to be a huge disaster!!! This is why BMW deserves to go bankrupt and is a huge joke!! OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?!?

Oh, I'm sorry- I thought this was one of the hysterical threads about the Cadillac XTS. Nevermind.


12-16-09, 09:15 PM
:run: :run:

12-16-09, 09:24 PM

Oh My god, What the ****, Barbecue?????

what the **** do you have against Barbecue???

12-16-09, 09:26 PM
Mercedes has a 6 cylinder hybrid motor for the 2010 S class... :hmm:

12-16-09, 09:34 PM
Mercedes has a 6 cylinder hybrid motor for the 2010 S class... :hmm:

i think what hes getting at is, cadillac catches alot of flak (especially on THESE forums) for considering sharing engines across brands, models and platforms.

but somehow its ok for mercedes and BMW to do it, in fact they are praised for it

12-16-09, 09:47 PM
Glad to see an I6 back in the 7-series (and the revival of the 740 badge :cool2:)

12-16-09, 10:16 PM
Merc and BMW share engines in their lines. The 5.5l v8 is used in the s550,e550,cl550, etc etc. Same with BMW.

12-16-09, 10:58 PM
Oh My god, What the ****, Barbecue?????

what the **** do you have against Barbecue???


12-16-09, 11:04 PM
It's perfectly fine for a luxury line to offer a range of engines in their top series. People used to expect it, but carmakers got away from it over the years. But, the 740 will always be the "entry level" 7s. The 760il is and will continue to be the flagship.

I'd have no problem with Cadillac following suit with the XTS or whatever silly alphanumeric soup they slap on it. As long as a V8 is at least an option, I'm good. LWB wouldn't hurt.

12-16-09, 11:49 PM
I personally would never buy a six cylinder flagship car. The V8 is one of the most important parts of the package, and BMW's TT V8 is pretty damn sick. I love their TT I-6, but I feel like its out of place in the heavy 7 series.

What's the point of owning the $90,000 six cylinder flag ship when a $40,000 135i can blow your doors off? The purpose of owning one of these uber sedans is the total excess of it all, and putting a smaller motor in it kind of defeats the purpose.

I know why they are doing it though, its to get their CAFE scores up. And this will really appeal to the miser types who buy these types of cars(they'll get a kick out of telling their neighbors that their big BMW gets 25mpg)