: Snow tires are here! Finally!

12-14-09, 09:31 PM
After more than 6 weeks of backorder, I received my Blizzak LM-60's today.

I'll get them mounted later this week. I'll post later if the non-stock size causes problems with the ECU and Traction Control, etc. (In which case I toasted $1k)

But - they look pretty:

Guh - this forum software is not good....

12-21-09, 01:34 PM
Please do. I'd love to know

12-22-09, 08:57 PM
So far - no issues in normal driving. I've been up to 80+mph without any glitches. I have had the TCS kick in on full throttle downshifts at like 40mph. But - it felt like they were breaking loose, so maybe that was normal.

I haven't taken the car out in real snow yet since I put the tires on. They are a little shorter (about 3/4 inch) from factory spec. I'm still getting used to that. It just looks odd to me, but no-one else notices it.

I'll update again after I've had real snow driving experience with them.

My REAL peeve is the summer stock tires. I thought I had a year left on them, and now that they are in my garage, I can see that the center of the rear tires are toast. Down almost through the wear bars. Now I have to buy another set of tires in the spring. DAMMIT! If I knew that before I mounted my snows, I would have just burned them up for the fun of it.