: Swap 429 with chevolet engine

12-14-09, 06:42 PM
Hello there,

I live in Holland (Europe) so sorry for the English.
I own a Calais from 1965 with a 429ci and the th400 automatic gearbox.
it is hard to get engine parts and the are very expensive in Holland. Because my engine is not working fine I want to swap the engine with a Chevrolet engine because the are cheaper over here and there are a lot of spare part and performance parts for that.

Is it possible to swap the engine and leave the th400 ?
what do I need to do this, can someone please tel me how to do this swap an please send me pictures if you have them.

if it is not possible please tell me what engine to use in a 65 Calais with a th400


12-16-09, 11:25 PM
The bolt pattern on your TH400 is different than Chevy. I believe there are adapters available to use your 400 with a Chevy though. Maybe an online search would turn up a source. The other alternative is a TH400 made for a Chevy, but the tail shaft length would have to be the same as yours.
The 400 came in three tail shaft lengths, 4", 9", and 13".
The next alternative would be using a Buick, Pontiac, or Oldsmobile engine, which has the bolt pattern to match your 400.

12-19-09, 02:46 AM
thnx steeybill

I have a other question about those Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile engine, do the fit right in ?
the gearbox will stay on place so that is good but will the engine connect to the gearbox or do I have to change the engine room ?
do you know witch engine types to use ?