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12-13-09, 04:36 PM
So I have a few problems that seem to be prevalent no matter what GM car I have. Mainly, the driver side window. It has tons of tiny vertical scratches, and apparently it's scratching against something on the felt wipe strip on the outside.

Is there any way to fix this? It's happened on three Cadillacs of mine and couple of my chevys. I try to clean sand and dirt out of the wipe strip but it only works for a couple of roll-ups/downs. Then it's back to scratching.

And my window has all these marks on them. It's really bad when it's foggy outside, because those scratches catch the light and make my driver window near impossible to see through. Is there a way to repair the surface of this glass, or do I have to replace the whole window? That'd be a bummer.

Fortunately it hasn't happened to any windows other than the driver, but I fear they may start scratching sooner or later.


Also, another GM problem. Their radios seem to stop working. In my mom's Cadillac, the rear speakers are not working (both went silent at the same time), as is the case on my truck. Is there a fix to this? Or do GM radios just need to be replaced every five years? That has been the case on another Cadillac of mine, and my grandmother's chevy.



12-14-09, 02:33 PM
The window problem ask a detail shop on a fix.

GM radios suck ass period the Bose are even worse! For the radio
Fix your best bet is to after market (they sound better than stock).

Good luck