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08-07-04, 10:54 PM
:yup: So here is how I progressed in the "gaming" world and passed it on to my kids. I also spent a few "allowances" on pinball / pac man / frogger / space invaders / etc ... ) We have come a long way from pong ......

Friend T.V Pong (inital version ball went in straight lines , then the quantum leap ball had curved line version :yup: )
Me - Intellivison (had every sport game - )
Friend - Attari
Me - Vic 20 (with Cassette Mode 3583 bytes Free hahahaha)
Me - Original Nintendo (8bit Super Mario !!!!)
Me - Sega Genesis
Me - First PC (486dx 33 4 mb ram , 120mb HD - Wolfenstien / Doom I )
Kids - Super Nintendo (16 bit)
Kids - Game Boy
Kids - Game Boy Color
Kids - Nintendo 64
Kids - PLay Station II
Kids - Nintendo Game cube
Kids - AP Game Boy

Wating for new PS or maybe I will buy an X-Box ..... don;t game as much as use to anymore - still enjoy FPS and sport games ....have a few PC's kicking around now - the boy plays games (Diablo currently and if I get Doom III ) ......

What systems have you played :hmm:

08-07-04, 11:09 PM
PS3 arrives in 2005 and I heard it is literally 1000 times faster or more powerful than PS2. (can't remember which) I'm glad GT3 is arriving for PS2, and there will be Musclecars in it.

In 1977 a good friend of mine got one of the first Atari 2600's in Canada from Winnipeg. We never wanted to go to school again! :p Went to the arcades also when Space Invaders, Pac Man, etc. came out. Then in 1981, my Mom bought me a 2600. ($275) Friends all had Coleco Vision, Intellivision, Oddyssey, etc. but we always went to my place for the selection of games I had. ;) In 1998 I bought a PS1 specifically for Tomb Raider, and now have every one from that series. That was like a whole new world, and I never wanted to go to work! LOL! If you had Eidos stock just before that game came out, overnight people got rich from it! Last year I finally got a Ps2 and still loving it.

I know many play games on their PC, but personally, to me, this doesn't make sense. I like the ergonomics of the controllers and I just like dedicated gaming systems. I like the comfort of laying on the couch (not upright in a hard chair) for my gaming experience. :coolgleam I'm not that fussy about graphics because I'd rather relax when playing. I think the graphics for PS2 are more than I could ever hope for.

My cousin has a huge collection of 18 or so gaming systems, which includes 3 or 4 original pong systems.

08-08-04, 01:55 AM
8 bit nintendo, (castlevania 3: draculas curse rules...still!!!).
super nes, (can never get me away from my FF collection).
game boy color, (it was ok, was extra entertainment while in the army).
station 1, ( FF 7 still sets the pace!).
station 2, (FF 10 and buldurs gate rock!!).
and the thing is, i still play the 8-bit, and have all the other systems...still.
and my good old pc. (128 mb nvidia ge-force), have about 20 games on the hard drive at the moment.

never been a fan of anything sega, but i did own one (genisis) for a while. traded it to someone that had a nice collection of old nes games! worth every game too.

08-08-04, 08:18 AM
Sega Saturn

08-08-04, 01:47 PM
I thought the PS3 was actually just that portable version of the PS2 (which is DAMN cool btw).

Does anyone have a link for the PS3?

I think in all honesty alot of what has happened is that many even die-hard Console gamers have eventually migrated over to the PC gaming world because of the immense amount of change that occurs with system requirements and graphics in such short periods of time. Something that it seems only a PC can really "evolve" with more easily, though mods are available for the XBox.

Doom 3 in fact had to be "dumbed down" a little as it were to work with the Xbox properly, and has been delayed a bit. It will not even be available for the PS from what I heard.

08-08-04, 02:23 PM
Does anyone have a link for the PS3?

My cousin found it about a month ago and he said it wasn't easy, as he did a lot of digging to find one. I'll ask him about it, and hopefully there is more info out there now.

08-08-04, 04:39 PM
PS3 will be a new console......the handheld one (forgot the name) will actually be more powerful then the PS2 though...or so I have heard.

08-08-04, 05:48 PM
Here is a little info I found on PS3. It will be VERY powerful with it's own harddrive which will eliminate the need for memory cards!