: Konig Kolor Ultra Lightweight

12-12-09, 01:05 AM
Hey guys, i finally got a very nice set of rims!! I have a couple questions but that's in a bit. I traded 2 15" subs and a Clarion EQ for these rims, and I'm very happy. Haven't put them on yet, but going to in a month or so after i get wheel adapers+spacers.

Here they are (not mine but still):

Specs are 5 lug, 114.3 bolt pattern with a Honda 64.1mm hub center bore and 7" width. They currently have 225/45/ZR17 on all 4 rims. I've contacted Fred Goeske from www.wheeladapter.com and gave him all the information to get a quote for the adapter/spacer combo. Tomorrow i should get the quote.

Fist question is: I know i can put a 235 tire on a 7" width rim, is it possible (but safe) to put a 245 tire on a 7" width rim?

Second question is: Regardless of first question, what brand/model tires are inexspensive but good for you guys. I live in NC and almost never get snow but maybe 2 days in February and that's it. Does rain a good amount.

I was thinking these --> "http://www.performanceplustire.com/products/tires/searchType/searchByVehicle/year/1997/make/CADILLAC/model/CATERA/applicationID/9428/tireSize/235_SLASH_45-17/manufacturerID/178/productID/5020/tireDataID/5579#prodAnchor"from Sunny tires. I just read a very positive review from a guy in Canada with a Saturn Ion with 225/45/R17's. He said they performed better than the stock Dunlops he has and tread patter is almost identical.

I just need 2 tires, as the others are Z rated and have 65% tread life left on them. Looking to spend under $200 w. shipping. Or, if anybody had tires to sell then im all ears!!! Also would like opinions on rims, tires, and color options. Thinking about going with a deep flat black or matte black with red outer strip where the chrome lip is with red lettering on the inside lip. Thanks!

12-12-09, 02:24 AM
take a look into sumitomo. I know a guy who owns a wheel shop and he swears by them for ride/noise quality per dollar ratio.

12-12-09, 03:26 AM
I think black rim with chrome/polished lip looks real classy on black cars.

12-12-09, 06:49 AM
Here is what the catera needs as far as specs go...

Bolt Pattern is 5x110
Center bore is 65.1mm
Offset FR is 39mm OEM... can go down to 30 and the rim will be even with the fender. < makes for wide stance.
Offset RR is 39mm OEM but ideal is somewhere near the 12mm-0mm and the rear wheels will also align with the fenders.

Make sure when you get the spacers the total wheel offset minus the sapcer is in that range otherwise it wont work.

As far as tires...
I am runnign 245 45 17s on 7.5" wheel and looks just fine.
I am sure that 235 ona 7" will be jsut fine. 245 is a bit much.

Also not sure how much those wheels cost ya but why not go with something bigger say 18... by the time you buy the spacers your wheel combo will be over the roof.

Those 5x110 to 5x114.3 spacers can cost around 300$/set and to met thats almost enough for a new pair of wheels.