: 97 catera electrical problems? HELP

12-11-09, 02:21 PM
SO in doing some searching I have run across a number of thread s where people have similair issues but I just cant find a good answer.

For the longest time my cateras interior lights have been sporadic at best, usually they dont come on, either when I open the door or push the button, and sometimes the auto windows dont work. I also have the issue with the radio shutting off if it is turned up, and I have to shut the car off to make it work. At one point it wouldnt even come on after I restarted the car, it only worked after I disconnected and reconnected the battery.

Now I have a problem with ABS/Traction control. I have seen others with similair issues, however they describe the speedo / odo not working, both of which work fine for me. The ABS and traction control will work for a period of time, sometimes long sometimes goes out immediatly, and will reset when I shut off the car.

Then just recently my headlights stopped working when I shut the car off, I think its called a twilight sentry or something, anyway they used to stay on, now they shut off immediatly when the key is turned off.

What is going on with this car? Please help.

12-12-09, 01:38 PM
See if another Body Control Module and/or Multifunction Module will solve anything. Start with the Multifunction module, since they are easier to replace (1-to buy one; 2-to physically replace one).

12-28-09, 09:51 PM
My interior lights had the SAME issue...sporadic at best. A replacement of the Multifunction Module (K134 Relay) solved it. The same with the automatic windows.