: CTS Sport Grille

12-09-09, 10:19 PM
I'm looking for the CTS Mesh Sport Grille in Raven Black for an 06. I think the part number for the grille is 19155964. Is there a black hood moulding availble for use with this grille, that would replace the chrome one currently on the car?

Also would need the two emblems that go with the grille.

Shipping would be to 60477.

Thanks in advance, sorry if you have quoted this in the past I was unable to find any current pricing.

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
12-10-09, 07:31 AM
The grille (19155364) is $377.16 and should come with a new emblem. there is a paint to match version of the hood molding which is a pricey $230.00. shipping would be $20.-$30. aprox. give me a call at 703-824-9670 to get one on order