: Let it snow...

12-09-09, 08:28 PM
I'm really still impressed with how well our lil rear wheel drive caddy handles in the snow. We just got blasted with 5-6 inches of snow. Just a little bit of slippage when go from a dead stop on an incline, but other than that, great lil car in the winter.

12-09-09, 08:37 PM
Mine fells like a tank, often overtaking 4x4 with a fury... All that is thanks to my 245/45/17 BRIDGESTONE BLIZZAK WS-50s.

Last night we had 2in of snow around here, and I raced a Late model Chevy Tahoe from a dead stop beating it by many cars... then I had an encounter with a JEEP Cherokee,... he struggled to get across the intersection, so I had to pass him on the shoulder...

Dedicated snow tires really transform our cars. This is the second winter that I will be with snow tires and I cant wait to hit the white powder.

12-10-09, 05:53 PM
Yeah man, I got 4 studded Winter Master Plus from Cooper Tire. Now I may not be as quiet as you, but I think I have better traction.

12-10-09, 10:29 PM
Mahhh! I just took off my summer wheels and my oems have some junky radial gt tires on them! BAH! I wish i had a set of facelift sport wheeld. i have a buddy a nice set of 17" winter tires but i need 16"...

12-11-09, 01:04 AM
I assume you have these tires correct?
Doesnt look bad considering the fact that its studded. You are lucky that they allow you to run those tires on your side of the country.
Over here we can only use studless tires.

Here is what I am running and i can say I am very proud of these tires and their performance. Got them last year at tirerack, paid 300$ shipped to my door.

Here they are on the car.

12-11-09, 12:13 PM
Hello All: I just installed a pair of Michelin Primacy Alpins on the back of my 97. The fronts are AS of the same make. Last winter was my first with the Catera and it was a real pig on 4 AS tires. Can I expect things to be better now? We're getting our first snow over the next few days and am anxious to see what happens. Any tips? Regards, Brian

12-11-09, 03:34 PM
Yeah MV6, thats what I'm running, and they pretty well saved my car last night. To get to my house I need to drive up a hill thats about a 60 degree incline, anyway, we got about a half an inch of sleet last night, which instantly froze. As I'm going up the hill it looks fine, but as reached a bend in the road, I felt the rear end start to slip, but the studs gave it enough grip to push me up the hill at an awkward angle. Once I reached level ground I put it in park and got out of the car, as soon as my feet hit the ground I slipped and caught myself with my door. Once I found my footing, I looked down the hill, due to the street lights I was able to tell that the entire blacktop was pretty well a skating rink! I looked for areas where the weight of the car would have broke the ice and hit asphalt, being the overweight beast the Catera is I expected to see some road contact, there was none! So the only thing that got me up that hill were my studs, and of couse the driver's finess lol. Yeah studs are great on ice! Brian: I ran winters only in the back last year, traction when taking off is good, but braking is another story. You're front brakes do 60-90% of your stopping so the less grip you have up front the less stopping efficiency you have. Expect your abs to kick in a lot, and the only way to brake efficiently then, is to pray your tires hit asphalt and grip, or pump your brakes, which can have ill effects at high speeds. Just a couple things to look out for.

12-11-09, 05:11 PM
Nice! Without a doubt the snow tires are fantastic for snow but the next step up is the studs... not sure where chains rate but I am sure they are below the studded tires.

As a rule of thumb always change 4 tires on the car, you have good tires on the rear but youru front tires do the steering and part of the braking so if you ever have to steer out of something you will find yourself shi+in your pants...

Look at these vids..