View Full Version : Nice Sunday trip

12-06-09, 07:20 PM
Decided to head down to Bowling Green this morning to check out the Corvette Museum and the Corvair display they have going until the end of the month. Pretty cool story book on the Corvair, well laid out display. They had them set up in the area right before the store, if I remember they had the racing area here with the ZR1 in May when I was there. If anyone is close to Bowling Green it is worth the stop to see the Corvairs. They had a couple Corsa's, a Spyder, station wagon, a van and then the half pickup. Pretty cool display.

On the way down it was a nice leisurely 70 MPH trip averaging around 20 MPG. On the way home a few other cars wanted to test my gas mileage and I only managed 11 MPG. It was a nice day trip before the weather turns nasty around here.