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Mike 09 V
12-06-09, 06:56 PM
Last night I took the car to the speedway to run the 1/4 for the first time. I thought I had it all figured out. The air density altitude calculated to 50'. Pretty good as the actual elevation is around 1100'. What I didn't figure on was the lack of traction. When I called the track last week and asked how many cars they expected they told me the racers wouldn't be there because of the problem of cold and traction but they said I would probably be alright. They were wrong. As it turned out there was only about 10 cars and 2 motorcycles that were nuts enough to run. It was about 39 degrees at the track. I couldn't figure out a way to launch the beast without massive wheel spin. Finally I decided to try taking off in Drive (2nd gear) and then moving the tranny control to sport for the rest of the shifts. Turned in my best time that way. 13.023 @ 111 is the best I could do, starting in second gear. Not too disappointed but not happy either. Maybe some of you experienced racers could advise me as to the minimum air temperature for traction on the PS2s' and the best way to launch. I'll go back, probably in Feb/March when the temp will be back in the sixties unless you have some better ideas. Thanks,

12-06-09, 09:24 PM
39 is pretty cold to be using summer rated tires at the track. They start losing traction under 50 degrees from what I understand. I switched over to 240 sotto zero's winter tires. It would be interesting to try those out at the track on a cold day. They seem to have good traction on the streets in 20-30 degree weather.

12-07-09, 03:32 PM
+1 to what FastRunner said. Although I love cold air for drag racing, there is a point where it gets too cold and 39 degrees on the factory rubber is below that point I'd guess. I wouldn't let the ET bother me, but I'd be disappointed why the trap speed was so low. Although that could partially be a result of starting in 2nd gear.

When you do get a chance to race in better conditions you might want to try airing the rears down to ~24 psi. That pressure seemed to work well for me and a few other guys here.