: TCC Stuck Off (Code P0741) Still on after Solenoid Changeout

12-05-09, 08:55 PM
Just finished changing my head gaskets 3 weeks ago:banghead:. While the cradle was down I replace the TCC solenoid because I had the P0741 code. Well, after the change I still have the code. I have verified the TCC does not work (See numerous other posts). My old solenoid looked fine. Any further suggestions? I know it's not major but since I did go through the trouble to do the hard part (changing the solenoid), it would be nice to not have the SES light on all the time.

12-06-09, 11:55 AM
pull the light bulb? LOL
soiunds like the seals in th TC are gone

12-06-09, 05:41 PM
there's a problem internally. If you didn't have code p1860 before the solenoid was changed, it likely wasn't the solenoid at all.

12-07-09, 09:53 PM
Could be the torque converter - I think the TSB says to change that also to be sure to correct the problem

12-12-09, 06:27 PM
Well, I finally got the check engine alarm off after getting the engine tuned up.Cylinder 2 was not firing so I changed out the coil after checking the wires, plugs, cap and injectors. Can't trust even computers to give the right info. I bought this 1999 deville in 2006 from an ebay auction with 101k miles, ran good so I completed the purchase. On the way home the check engine light came on, but I never had it fixed. The tranny place wanted $1400 to try and fix it though he couldn't guarantee that price to finish the fix. Heck, I paid $4900 for it. The tranny was working fine as I've been driving it for 20k miles to date.
Ebay guarantees purchases if you buy a lemon, but the price has to be much more, like a new tranny.
In NW Indiana we have emmissions test every 2 years and they would not test it because of the error. Finally had to get the emmission boss out to give me a pass the 1st time, he did. 2 years later, I had to disconnect the battery overnight to get it emmission tested and passed before the computer could put out the p0741 alarm again. (found the computer took a while to get it after swapping the battery for a new one). Oh, the trial of caddy owners.

07-14-10, 11:37 PM
If you have P0741 and P1860:

Check to see if the circuit from the brake switch has an open between the brake pedal and the PCM.

Check the circuit from the PCM to the AT 20-way connector terminals U and V for a short to ground, voltage or an open.

Check the circuit from the AT 20-way connector to the TCC solenoid for a short to ground.

If you have P0741, but do not also have P1860:

There is another valve activated by the TCC solenoid that should be checked. Also verify that the torque convertor is ok.

In either case:

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