: Level ride is bad. 94 FWB

12-05-09, 02:11 AM
The light stays on for a while after starting a car and something stays on or goes off and then come back on. The rear end does look high and I don't hear the compressions kicking in. The suspension is stock on the stock wheels. Any advice?

12-05-09, 03:11 AM
If the compressor turns on under the hood, then its probably the lines going to the shocks or the shocks themselves

12-05-09, 02:24 PM
If you're not hearing the compressor then it's not pumping up the shocks. You said that the rear end looks high, so it might be too high. The air shocks purge air when they have the body above a certain hight, and the Level Ride indicator will come on while they do. If they aren't purging the air then the rear end will be higher than normal, and the Level Ride indicator will be one.

I don't know how the shocks purge, but there should be a valve and/or another air line. If that is restricted, then they cannot release the air pressure.

12-06-09, 02:00 AM
When you can get the light to go on goto where the compressor is to see if you actually here it doing something or not. If it does go on and off there could be something wrong with the sensor at the back of the car that tells it how high the car is. The part that lets the air out is part of the compressor itself. I don't know for those years if the light goes on when its doing that or not. I don't even know if mine does.

12-06-09, 04:31 AM
If you ground the white wire at the compressor the exhaust valve will open and lower your car. When all the air is out of the shocks add 300 pounds of weight to the trunk area (2-3 people on the rear bumper) and start the car. You may have to put car in drive and back into park to turn on compressor. The compressor should inflate the shocks and then shut off within a minute. After the compressor stops (light on dash goes off) remove the extra weight from the trunk area. Within a minute the exhaust solenoid should release the air from the shocks to return the car to the proper ride height. You will hear the air excape from the exhaust solenoid which is part of the compressor assembly. If the compressor doesn't come on; with "key on" ground the yellow wire that runs from the ELC relay to the height sensor. Some cars have a test ground point on the yellow wire next to the compressor. If exhaust valve & compressor work then your problem is in the height switch.Try that and get back to this thread if you need more help.

12-10-09, 01:55 AM
Thinking of replacing the springs, would that fix it? And if so, what springs? You guys know of any good place where I can take it to have them check out the level ride? Also, I had an estimate of $100 to check out my horn alone at the dealership. My horn is stuck on and I took off the fuse. I have been told that the problem is on the steering wheel, what could I do that have that taken care of? Thanks!

12-12-09, 02:27 PM
Do a search for some old posts about springs. There was one kind that people were liking but I forget what it is.
Yeah the horn could be in the steering wheel or it could also be a shorted wire somewhere else or a bad horn relay. Try changing the relay 1st they don't cost much. You can also try going to a smaller garage they probably wouldn't want as much to fix it.