: Nav backlight illumination/radio station select

12-03-09, 03:59 PM
A warranty issue I'm sure, but thought I'd run this past some of you V gurus.

Re: Nav backlight and radio station select operable and then at times inoperable.

Ok, from time to time, after car has been started, the nav screen does not illuminate and the station select will not will not operate, from either the steering wheel or at the tuning dial on consol.

When this does occur, the Nav screen is able to move up and down when the Nav button has been depressed. The radio will also play whatever station was selected before this issue started.

Then there are times when all is fine and trouble free for weeks.

Then the problem returns. Nav backlight not working, station selection can be changed thru steering wheel and console button. But radio will work but only on the station it was set before the issue started :thepan:

Any guesses?

Off to the delarship at some point here.

12-03-09, 04:06 PM
I recall seeing a post on this a few days ago. Were the temps in the 30's when this occurred?