: Another Potential CTS-V Buyer Here Saying Hello

12-03-09, 08:22 AM
Nice place you got here! Been lurking a while and this looks like the definitve source of CTS-V information.

Well, the bug has bitten me. Its time for a new car and I have to say I was focused on a new M3 or a used M5. I have had an M3 and an S4 in the past but drive an SUV now. Ready to get back in a car again, but there WAS one problem: I had a c6 Z51 Corvette for a weekend and track car and frankly got spoiled by the power. How could I possibly get that power in a daily driver. Well obviously my eyes have been opened and I'm more than a little excited.

Been pricing them out, specifically leasing (for my business) and the best I have come up with is a loaded 2010 manual with recaros for an MSRP of $68,750. The lease deal I am being offered is $2000 down, plus tax, then $863 per month on a 39 month lease 15k per month.

Would appreciate your input on this deal. Thanks!

12-03-09, 08:31 AM

12-03-09, 08:41 AM
Just joined, do not have enough posts.

I do not currently own a GM vehicle. I believe the dealership that gave me those lease numbers, got there by incorporating conquest cash etc... If you can do better on a 36 or 39 month lease with 15k/yr, I'd love to hear it.

Must be a manual. Must have Recaros. Do not like red or gray. Would prefer, black white or silver. I am in NY. Where are you?

Apparently I cannot even post my email address. Sheesh.

12-03-09, 10:50 AM
Compared with the lease deals offered earlier this year when I was buying, that looks like a good deal on the face of it. I think you mean 15k miles per year, though :) . If I'd seen that lease deal when I pulled the trigger, I would have done a lease through my business instead of purchasing.