: New Velourtex™ Mats - Set With Cadillac Logo $99.90

Auto Pride
12-02-09, 06:06 PM
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New Velourtex™ Mats
Custom Made For Your Cadillac
Set of 4 Mats
Single Cadillac Logo On Front Mats
$99.90 Sedans & SRX
$132.80 Escalade

The Velourtex line of floor mats was created by Lloyd to provide a value priced, high quality automotive floor mat, with the availability of Lloyd’s broad range of trademark, lifestyle and personalized embroidered options. Starting with a high quality nylon yarn, Lloyd has created a silky smooth texture, similar to late model original equipment mats, but with a heavier more dense carpet face. The multi-layer backing is designed to maintain the mat shape and provide protection for your original carpet. This is the same backing system as our higher priced mats and features our non-skid rubber TractionBac. Velourtex mats include factory compatible anchoring devices, to keep the mats firmly in place. Velourtex is available in ten of Lloyd’s most popular OEM matched colors. Choice of a single embroidered trademark, lifestyle, or personalized design.

Velourtex Features:

Premium nylon yarn

Velvet smooth texture

Ten OEM matching colors

Matching woven binding

Custom fit mats for every vehicle

Multi-layer backing to protect original carpeting and to keep mats in place

Factory compatible mat anchoring devices

Choice of Lloyd’s trademark, lifestyle, or personalized embroidery.

Logo Choices:

www.AutoPrideConcepts.com (http://www.autoprideconcepts.com/)
"The Cadillac Specialist"
For Lloyd Mats.
For More Information about Lloyd Mats:
http://www.autoprideconcepts.com/lloyd_mats.htm (http://www.autoprideconcepts.com/lloyd_mats.htm)

GM Licensed Cadillac Logo Products

12-02-09, 06:26 PM
I'll probably get a set V mats before X-Mas.
Question: A few years ago (05) I bought some seat belt pads with the caddie logo but I don't remember if you guys sold them. I'd love to get another set with V logo. I love these pads because it cushions the seat belt. Just wondering.

Auto Pride
12-03-09, 08:06 PM
Thanks for the question about the seat belt pads. We were not the seller of the item. I have not seen them for sale in a few years. If you would like your mats before X-Mas; now would be the time to place your order.

Thanks again,


12-04-09, 08:35 AM
Wish whoever sold the pads still did. I'll see about ordering mat's this weekend.

12-04-09, 08:45 AM
Any photos of the "V" floormats in black....in a 2009+ CTS-V?? I found a pic of the "V" mats in a first gen V, but not a second.

Auto Pride
12-05-09, 09:55 AM
We just started to offer the new Velourtex mats and I have not any complete the production route. I will ask the manufactuer if they have any for you when they open on Monday.
Lloyd www.AutoPrideConcepts.com

Auto Pride
12-05-09, 09:56 AM
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