: Traded my o5 cts for an 05 sts4 awd

12-02-09, 04:38 PM
Traded my 05 cts 2.8L for an 05 sts4 awd blue chip with tuscany interior and I freakin love it. So much more room and power,although I will miss the nice MPG I got with Cts

12-02-09, 04:46 PM
Congrats on the trade, i know i love my sts, granted its not the same era but still. :)


12-02-09, 05:36 PM
Congrats on the trade, its certainly an upgrade. Glad to hear you're enjoying it thus far, and I'm sure that love will only grow.

12-02-09, 05:44 PM
nice swap. you got the V8 awd or the V6 AWD? i have had my eye on the V8 AwD as a potential next car maybe next year. i refuse to buy a STS with a 6.

12-02-09, 09:25 PM
Wow, I didn't think anyone outside of fleets bought the 2.8. How did you like it?