View Full Version : Anybody have the nav/radio lock up after a call?

12-01-09, 03:06 PM
Ended a call yesterday via bluetooth and the radio sound came back on but the screen showed that a call was still in progress. Looked at the phone and it was ready for use, no call in progress.

I could not turn the radio/nav off. The on off button did nothing. The steering wheel up and down buttons did not work. Pressing the Nav button did nothing.

Pressing the "audio" button rotated through CD,Xm,AM,FM, etc. but did not show on the screen as the screen still indicated a call in progress.

Turned the car off and back on and everything was fine.

Does this head unit run on MS Windows? Do I need to upgrade to Win-7?

12-01-09, 10:48 PM
Amost all systems now days, even fairly simple ones, utilize computer chips and software. The more complex they are (as in PC or MAC) the more likely there will be an occasional glitch. Not every possible input and every possible software path can be or is tested. Sometimes a combination of things will cause unusual operation. If the glitch goes away by restarting the system and does not return, it is just that - a glitch. If the same problem occurs again in fairly short order, the software has probably been corrupted and reloads and restarts will not solve the problem. Very rarely the hardware fails and must be replaced. This is not a Microsoft problem. It is a common problem with all complex, new computer driven systems.