: want a used cadillac; need advice

08-06-04, 01:26 AM
Well, the Eldo is a great car (even with the DIESEL engine :rolleyes: ) but as shes turning 25 this year, shes really starting to show her age. Already this year shes had problems with the A/C, torque converter, and the overflow tank exploded.

I think those are all signs that i need to get another Caddy.

I want a used Caddy, but i don't have much dough to spend (maybe $5,000 max) and i would also (if this is possible and not too expensive) like a Caddy with a N* engine. But, i don't want a crappy Caddy (i.e. Catera, Cimarron)

Any suggestions?

08-06-04, 02:25 AM
Can look to early to mid 90's Eldo/Seville/Deville. All will give the northstar. You can also look at a Fleetwood, and have the advantage of a stout drivetrain. All depends on what you want.

08-06-04, 03:07 AM
1993 was the first year for the northstar, mated with a 4t80e transmission.
I picked up a '93 STS for $4,200 with 82k on the dash. That came with the aforementioned engine & tranny. Running strong 10k later.

08-06-04, 03:37 AM
if you really want one you'll love, get a 89-93 sedan deville that's clean and run's tight you should be able to pull that off with $3300 then raise up the back about 3-4 inch's and spend the other 1700 on some rims just like me!
you'll love the attention!

08-06-04, 08:44 AM
I agree, I think you would really like the 4.9, I was scepticle but after getting it I really love it and could care less about the N*.........I payed $4000 for a 92' Deville with 52,000.

08-08-04, 12:14 PM
So the 4.9's are good? I wasn't sure about them, but I will look at them. I was thinking about getting another Eldo, but I also am looking at Sevilles and I might check out some Fleetwoods