: 95 fleetwood idle problem

11-26-09, 11:42 AM
ok a while back i replaced the plugs and wires, havent done the cap yet b/c i dont want to pull the water pump right now.

anyway if im sitting at a redlight you can feel through the pedal like the engine has a miss. not bad like i pulled the plug wire off just a minor shake. as soon as you hit the gas its gone.

is there any kind of sensor to check or what, never used to do this

11-26-09, 01:38 PM
bite the bullet and change the opti/spark cap!!!
its not that hard a job, and put a new w/pump and
replace the seal behind the dist., all fairly easy to do
if you do the homework the parts are reasonable as well
I dont know your milage , but odds are it hasnt been done
since there good for about 80-100k
you will be happy when you see the smoothness and idle return to normal
do an through the a/c controller , scan
it will show any fault codes, its all a built in feature on the 93-96 f/w/b's
the info on this board if your not sure on how to do it......

11-26-09, 03:32 PM
the car now has 21,500 miles it sat for four years though when the previose owner died he barely drove it as i got it in may with 16,495 miles. I already have the cap just never got around to changing it b/c of the waterpump. and now i noticed recently a little drop of oil between the motor and tranny which should be the rear main seal so i might do this all at one time this weekend.