: St Claire Cadillac - Santa Clara CA

Charles Linquist
11-26-09, 09:57 AM
My 2003 CTS showed a "check engine" light, so I used my OBD reader to find out the problem. The message was "Coolant does not reach required temperature". I checked with others and found that the usual cause of this is a bad thermostat (reasonable enough). I was also told that it was a good idea to change the coolant temp sensor at the same time (since it is a nearby part).

I had St. Claire Cadillac in Santa Clara quote on the repair. They told me that it would be over $1600 - to replace the thermostat and sensor! The parts were about $100, the labor was the rest. Since the car was at their shop, I grudgingly told them to go ahead.

I realize that a thermostat in a CTS is almost impossible to replace, but even at the (claimed) 5.5 hours of labor, that is 180/hr!

I paid the $1600, and when I got the car back, 3 vacuum hose clamps and an intake manifold bolt cover were missing. The car wasn't washed, etc.

I'm not going back.