: Deleting govnor on a 2000 eldorado????

11-25-09, 06:38 PM
Deleting govnor on a 2000 eldorado???? Dose annny one know how to get ride of that or wat chip i have to buy or wat ever it takes ann one know?

11-25-09, 06:48 PM
No such thing as a chip. It's the whole PCM and no one on earth makes a programmer for it except GM.

What is the speed rating of the tires on your car's door sticker ? (That's the setting in your PCM speed limiter/governor)

S = 112 mph
T = 118 mph
H = 130 mph
V = 150+ mph (Z also)

Take a look at www.WestersGarage.org and surf through until you find your (OBD-II) PCM info.

Be advised that you cannot, ever, rev the engine above 4,000 rpm in P or N. It's permanently set that way.

11-27-09, 12:22 PM
Reminds me of this commercial that I love:

YouTube- raisin bran commercial

11-27-09, 04:06 PM
Heh, heh..........yep.

The "V" in my post should have been "W/Z".

11-28-09, 11:49 PM
I stumbled across a weird car. I'm confused as to why it's only this car that I've ever experienced it. T/C off (inop), with 1st gear starts. It's a 2000 STS. I did the HG's on it about 9 months ago, and it came up for sale. My dad bought the car. HG's are still good but it has some codes coming up that I need to deal with. I'm not sure if it's Z rated or not. But I have a theory about Cadillac PCMs. And that theory is that a few out there exist with a factory performance tune. Some cars act differently than others. Some just want to run. I've test driven a lot of customers' cars (with their permission) and some seem slow. Others move like a jet. My dad had a '97 STS that was slow. I have a friend with a 97, H rated, that really performs. Both cars run good with no misfires or thrown codes.

My 1998 STS shifts so firm even in "D" the tires consistently chirp in the 1st-2nd shift, and occasionally break traction above 40MPH if hammered. Still stock.
My 1997 Eldo is slow from a standstill. It has the 4.0 so it's not surprising.
I did some work on a 1997 ETC that was slow as well, 4.6 vin 9, Z-rated.

There's a man in Hamilton, ON by the name of Joe (in case he reads this) who has a 2000 DTS. Moves like a bullet. I could not believe how fast it was and how it shifted. I did the HG's and delivered it back to Hamilton early this year.

(Unless all 2000+ cars do this) I find it very strange that with the ABS and T/C warning lamps on, my dad's 2000 STS takes off in first. "No ABS Data" - there's an issue in the connection to the ABS system that I have to look at. But when my STS did this, I lost all use of first gear. As with every other STS I've ever heard of and driven. I want to get the system operational again and then manually turn the T/C off. If it still retains the use of first, I'll be surprised.

There is an answer to the tuning issues. I think in some of these cars lies the answer. And it's not in modifying the tunes, just replacing with a different factory tune. I'm 90-95% sure they're not all the same, performance wise. As soon as I get a tech 2 I'm going to do some comparing. I have a lot to learn about electronic tuning- I miss the cars where you could play with the jets and change the timing manually, change the advance weights.... but in a lot of ways, the electronic systems are better.

11-29-09, 11:41 AM
Jake, I think I recall that at some point (not sure when) GM did away with the 1st gear lockout when the T/C was inop.

11-29-09, 02:37 PM
My 2002 (and others in here) have a TC control switch on the console deck. You use it to disable TC entirely and you get a DIC message which you toggle off. The transmission functions as normal - all gears, and with TC OFF, you drive hard enough to engage PAS and the transmission tightens up even more.

11-29-09, 11:09 PM
OK so it's the 99 and prior years that you lose 1st gear with when turning T/C off. Thanks Sub- I wasn't sure.

11-30-09, 04:02 AM
My 94 currently has a ground issue to the EBTCM and I get the "TRACTION DISABLED" message and the ABS light, yet I also seem to have all gears working normally. It's interesting because I've accidentally spun the tires on multiple occasions when the pavement was wet. I might also add that the drivetrain and PCM is actually from a 94 Z rated STS, but the EBTCM is the original H rated one that came with the eldo base model.