: Honda CBR1100XX

Gary Wells
11-25-09, 03:39 PM
Happy thanksgiving to all, I would like to ask everybody's opinion on what my bike is worth. It is a '98 Honda CBR1100XX, 1169 miles, last riden in '04, last started about 2-3 years ago, dropped once in my driveway by myself, about a 1"-2" crack in fairing, slight scuff on clutch handle/ grip, bike has been stored in a shed since I have owned it since '00, black, Yoshi headers & pipe, muffler. still have all stock parts. Probably as a minimum needs: battery, all fluids changed, tune-up, new tires and / or tires & tubes, possibly chain from not moving for a while. I know that it is extremely difficult to establish a price / value without seeing the bike, but I am not set up to take any pictures. It is in extremely beautiful condition other than dusty other than described as above. I am too old to start riding again, have lost all interest, etc. Thanks for any estimates that you guys might make. The bike is and has been in SoKali all of its life. Currently Kali registered & have all tags, (stickers) in hand or on license plate.