: Aftermarket Subs

11-25-09, 11:30 AM
I recently installed 2 10" Rocksford Fosgate subs and a 325W Mono block Rocksford Fosgate amp, my 2000 Catera has the Bose system installed in it, i used a LOC (Line Out Converter) to connect my aftermarker amp to the stock amp. Everything works fine except for when i turn the volume down low i get a whinning sound comming fro my right rear speaker in the door. If i turn it up loud it goes away, if i turn it off completely it also goes away. What i was wondering is if anyone has experienced any similar problems and if they have any solutions to the problem?:hmm:

11-25-09, 10:42 PM
you need a Ground Loop Isolator inline right before your LOC. this will get rid of the alternator whine. i had this problem a while ago and solved it with that.