: Power Steering Issues

11-23-09, 03:09 AM
Hello Fellow Fleetwood Enthusiasts: I've got two power-steering-related issues that I'm hoping you can help with. The car, by the way, is a 1994 Fleetwood with 140,000 miles, and some minor modifications.

1) even though I replaced my PS Pump recently, as well as all PS lines, my PS Pump still growls at all engine speeds. It sounds like a Ford with that typical Ford Power Steering sound - kind of a growly whine. It's a Cadillac, and just doesn't sound right like this!
2) I have what I'd call 'jerky' steering just off center. I'll try to describe it, and hopefully that'll help someone to help me to diagnose this..... if I'm driving straight ahead, and start to move the steering wheel off center, the steering feels somewhat jerky as I apply even the gentlest pressure on the steering wheel.

I've had the car up on jackstands and moved the wheel from lock to lock many times to bleed it (both with engine off and engine running)..... am I just being too impatient, and I need to do this more times? I didn't count, but it was probably 25 times lock to lock...... should I do this yet more times? Is it possible I've simply got a bad PS pump?

Anyone experienced these two symptoms that has managed to fix them? Any advice or experience will be appreciated!

Love this car, and just want to get it sounding and running right!

Thanks to all.

11-23-09, 02:22 PM
I remember 1991 Cadillac Seville FSM recommended 40 stop-to-stops to bleed the PS system. That probably would be right for your Fleetwood as well.
As for loose steering, it might be variable effort steering acting up. Pull the trouble codes. There are specific VES codes.