: correct me if im wrong....

11-21-09, 08:37 PM
if i take the 5.0 out of my 1990 brougham, and put in the 5.7 of the same year, it would be a real pain to convert the car to fuel injection from what i gather. if im not mistaken, it would be pretty simple to make the 5.7 a carbeurated engine.....right? :suspect:

11-21-09, 09:00 PM
All it would take is a new intake manifold. I suggest the Edelbrock Performer, although there are lots of choices. You can use the carb that is on your 307, or go new. Don't forget the different engine mounts and exhaust Y pipe. The 200-4R trans (that's what the 307 still got, right?) will bolt up to the 350 since it is dual bolt pattern, but if you are going with a used 5.7, get the matching 700R4 trans if you can (stronger in stock form).

11-21-09, 09:01 PM
Another intake manifold and the sbc would fit with the qjet. Fuel injection would be a pain. TPI would be worth it

11-21-09, 09:05 PM
Going from carburetted to fuel injection is doable, but not easy. To stay carburetted, you have make changes to the engine (different intake), or you could go with a different engine. The L05 was used for the 5.7 option in '90, and it only came fuel injected. The LM1 was the engine Chevrolet used before the L05, '81-'88 I believe. It was only offered with a carburettor, and I think the engine mounting points are the same as on the L05. So going for an LM1 350, might be eaisier, if you want to stay with a carburettor.

11-21-09, 09:55 PM
Better cam in the L05, and it is a roller instead of a flat tappet. Or, for even better results, stick a stock B/D body LT1 cam in the L05 while it's out and waiting for the swap. Great HP/torque numbers. Since you have to change the intake anyways, the cam swap is cake. You can probably find a free one from the Impala SS crowd. Then, add some 1.6 ratio Comp Pro Mag rockers to that LT1 cam set up. Now you may as well add some headers. Hell, stick a cheap Eagle cast 383 stroker crank in it too... lol, we all know how these things go...