: Side window removal?

11-20-09, 01:35 AM
Hey fellas,

You're resident overcaffeinated madman here with a bit of a question.

I recently pulled the demolished vinyl top off my '75 Coupe DeVille, as I'm at that near end stage of her restoration (the last bit of body work to be done is the roof). Question is, since the vinyl tucks into the side windows on a CDV, what is the PROPER removal and reinstallation procedure, as it isn't stated in any of the Chilton's, Haynes' or factory service manuals I have. I'm thinking that since I have to reupholster the car (doing it myself on the days when the weather's too bad to do body work), if I might have to just take the interior completely apart to get them out?

If I have to do the latter, then I'll just recondition ALL of the interior parts then. Thanks guys, you're all great!

P.S. My buddy told me that he thought this project has turned into something I never expected, but the truth is, since the car belonged to another good friend (it was his dad's car, but his mom got terminally sick and could no longer fix her), I feel almost obligated to get her ready so they can see her done as a family. Just my 2 cents. :bouncy: