: Please help... car wont start 68 472 sedan devile

08-05-04, 04:04 AM
My Cadi, was running perfect... I took my wife shopping, went to start the car and nothing happened.. It only makes a spring noise when the key is turned.. The noise is in the front left panel by the door... Starter? I have had every tom, dick, & harry tell me something different.. I'm lost...I think its something much more simple than the starter... Please help.. I have a very unhappy, unmobile pregnant wife... Thank you...

barge master
08-05-04, 08:39 PM
I can't say for sure, but I think those old cars had some sort of starter relay in the system. Try to find where this noise is coming from, maybe that's it. Here's a basic rundown, verify the battery is charged, if so, check that all the connections are clean and tight. Verify there is 12v at the starter. When the key is turned to start, the little wire at the starter should show power also. If there is power there,the starter should turn if it is good. If there is no power there, then it is time to look for this relay I mentioned. On newer cars that little wire comes from the ignition switch. In any case you need to find where the little wire originates if it has no power. Also check all the fuses, just to be sure, and try starting it in neutral just to say you did. I'm sorry that I'm not more first hand familiar with your particular car, but I'm sure someone else is. Good luck with the car, the wife and the new baby!!

08-05-04, 11:24 PM
no relay ...... are you sure it is not just the starter solonoid that is mounted to the starter you are hearing ....... if so it is either a bad starter wire to the starter or battery ....... try to jump it and start it with a remote botton or screwdriver across the solonoid

08-06-04, 12:32 AM
No, there is a relay there in the kick panel, it will cycle regardless if the car tries to start too. It's actually for the power windows. I would venture a guess that it is the neutral safety switch. Try starting the car in neutral, and if neutral doesnt work try reverse and drive with your foot FIRMLY on the brake, and the parking brake set. The car will try to take off as soon as the starter engages. The switch is located at the base of the steering colum inside the car. (before it goes through the firewall.) There is a connector with two purple wires. A quick fix would be to jumper these two wires until you can find another switch.