: Storage

11-18-09, 09:02 PM
like a few people here, im storing my cadillac for the winter. ive bought a garage tent thing, and im going to try and start the car up at least once a week to keep everything in good order. im worried about rodents finding their ways into the car, and just worried about it sitting for that long in general. im not sure how long its going to be sitting for, its all a matter of money. lets get a list of good car-storage practices going.

11-18-09, 09:11 PM
If you have a factory service manual, there should be advice in the first section on the proper procedure to place your car in storage.

Angry Matt
11-18-09, 09:28 PM
D-con mouse poison. It's supposed to dry them out from the inside and they go looking for water, so they won't die IN your establishment. I keep it in my trunk, and haven't had a mouse in there since.

ive bought a garage tent thing

What kind of thing did you buy? I just got one from pep boys and I'm looking for some reinforcement ideas. There's a pic of mine in the "car cover brand" post.

11-18-09, 10:15 PM
Do not start the car unless you are going to take it out for a minimum 15 minute drive.

11-19-09, 12:05 AM
Do not start the car unless you are going to take it out for a minimum 15 minute drive.

Running the car and not getting it up to operating temp. will cause moisture to form in the exhaust system, which makes it rust out. As far as mouse control, I put my Caddy away with Irish Spring soap:


I cut up the bars of soap and place them on little paper plates. I have two plates in the trunk, two in the interior, and two under the hood. I have NEVER had a mouse problem using this trick, and come springtime, your car smells like Irish Spring!

11-19-09, 12:52 AM
Don't start it, you will rust out the exhaust faster than you can imagine and it doesn't give all the fluids (mainly the trans) time to properly warm up. The best way to store a car is to do an oil change, drive it for a few miles, fill it up with gas, park it, disconnect the battery and let it sit until you are ready to take it out in the spring. If you really want to be anal about it you will jack up the car and put it on stands to keep the weight off the tires and suspension. When I took my old '88 out this spring I didn't even have to charge the battery. I hooked it up, cranked it and she roared to life right away.

As for the mice, I use Bounce sheets. Spread them around the engine compartment (to keep them from eating the wires) and around the interior. They work great and won't leave the car smelling funky come spring time.

11-21-09, 01:57 AM
I like the Irish Spring Soap Idea! I am gonna to do that with my new car that i am storing this winter. And I've also heard about using the bounce sheets, mainly putting them into the exhaust pipe.

11-21-09, 02:17 AM
I recently had to store my namesake Brougham for six months because I had to go far, far away. I did a basic service (oil change, fluids, tire pressure, etc.), of course a wash and wax, and then parked it in a garage. Fortunately I had someone who was able to start/idle/drive for at least an hour (total) each time, about once a month.

Once I returned to civilization, anyway, I took it to get another service and check up and they said it was absolutely perfect. I then drove it 500 miles in 36 hours. I've yet to have any battery problems.

Obviously, I didn't do anything special. But it is such a pleasure to speak about these Cadillacs and their amazing reliability and resiliency.

11-23-09, 12:44 PM
I'm getting ready to store my 91 Brougham for the winter this coming Saturday. I'm in withdrawal already!

11-23-09, 01:26 PM
I just dropped the road insurance coverage on my SS today. Old man winter is coming :(

11-23-09, 01:36 PM
Oh you guys! It's 77 here today - I'm off all week and will be driving on some pleasure cruises in my 79 Sedan deVille d'Elegance. Sorry to hear your cars have to go into hibernation but I'd say drive them before the government rounds them up for manditory engine dissolving and crushing. :) I always drove my big cars in the winter when I lived up north and there's nothing better, especially for empty parking lot acrobatics! :) Remember, snow tires fit these cars! :) I gave away my last set of Michelin Arctic Alpins before I left for good nearly 3 years ago. Otherwise, if you get withdrawl from your car, get it out of storage, head south to the sunshine state and you can enjoy your fab ride all winter long - - hell, all YEAR long! I know, you're freezing your butt off waiting for the snow to come and I'm an ass. I feel for you. If it is welcome, I'll give plenty of reports on the every day pleasure of driving my old Cad every day after day after day after day....! :) :) :) :)

11-23-09, 01:54 PM
lucky bastage! haha...I drive my 87 all winter but my 69 will be sitting all winter waiting for next spring. Next spring I will finish up the body work and paint her and then get on the road for some fun :D

11-23-09, 02:06 PM
I can't wait to see how your 69 turns out! How exciting! You guys and your 60's Cads - - I love it - - I'm thinking of getting one for my winter "beater." :) :) :)

11-23-09, 04:18 PM
ha bro-ham, your crazy. theres a 65 coupe up here for 550 if you still got ties up here. looks pretty decent, just look on mpls craigs in car parts. maybe you can save it from the salt.

11-23-09, 04:36 PM
Hey Buck, I like whole cars, nice ones that are driveable. Project cars wear me out. I'd rather spend my time and money enjoying cocktails with car friends. ;)

11-23-09, 10:47 PM
I'm getting ready to store my 91 Brougham for the winter this coming Saturday. I'm in withdrawal already!

I just dropped the road insurance coverage on my SS today. Old man winter is coming :(

And people stilll ask why I'll never leave the desert southwest.

11-23-09, 11:36 PM
^ You hit the nail on the head, sir. It's where I would live given the choice, just not in California. Too many Enviro-Nazis there for my taste.

11-25-09, 01:51 PM
That's why a move to AZ is in my future.