: PM ban for new members

11-18-09, 12:32 PM
I'm trying to buy some parts from a member and also establish contacts with other V owners in my area.

I'm able to receive PM's to my inbox but when I attempt to reply I get the following:

Due to large amounts of spam, you must meet certain requirements before you can use our Private Messaging system. You must either be a member for a specific amount of time, have a specific amount of messages posted, or a combination of both.

You may, however, send Private Messages to our staff...

The Team

I've not found a way to contact the team whoever they are. Either my membership is still too new (member since early Sept) or my number of postings is too low (around 5 so far I'd guess).

What is the number of random mindless post replies I'll need logged in order to be have this PM ban lifted? :devil:


11-18-09, 12:39 PM
a simple posting of "+1" doesn't work. I was informed that a post needs to be at least 4 characters long. so now I know. :bonkers:

11-18-09, 12:40 PM
You might try becoming a supporting member and PM a Mod. This usually works.

11-18-09, 12:46 PM
so it comes down to money. aah the American way.

Then the message should state "those who are not 'contributing' members will not be allowed to use the private message feature.

I'd be happy to PM a mod but I'm not allowed to PM. I could contact a mod once I make a contribution but at that point I'd be in with the cool kids and there will be no need to contact anyone.

catch 22

The Tony Show
11-18-09, 12:47 PM
It has nothing to do with money. The reason for the PM rules is plain as day in the message you receive. Shady spammers and vendors sign up, blast our members with PM spam and get banned, but at that point they've already got their message out. We don't want our members logging in every day and having their PM box flooded with h3rb4L Vi4GARA!!111! ads every day.

Don't think of it as a "ban" on PMs, but rather that PMs are a privilege given to members in good standing who contribute to the community. If you're requesting PMs from people to meet up, ask them to include a phone number so you can call them.

One thing I can assure you of, however, is that posting things like "add one more" or "+1" will result in a Moderator flipping a switch on your account to disable PMs, regardless of your post count.

11-18-09, 01:05 PM
Funny how many people treat the Terms and Conditions upon signup like a 22 page list on credit card terms.

It's right there, people...

11-18-09, 01:27 PM
^ Says the king of hmm...

11-18-09, 01:46 PM
Jim is the king of Poast. Do not get those confused. lol