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11-18-09, 11:39 AM
Hey guys, picked up some toys from eBay. I'm excited to get um on. I'll take pix and post when i install.


I ordered these as dimpled and slotted. When i was touring the Target Ganassi race team facility i got an answer on the whole drilled and dimpled and slotted and all that for rotors. I was talking with their engineer and he explained the different types of rotors used for different types of courses. For oval courses they use a solid carbon rotor. the only time they really brake is when pitting. For road courses with quick turns and a lit of braking they use a rotor with a sort of sideways v (>) to get grab on braking. They also use a drilled and slotted for a "hybrid track" they will use drilled/slotted rotors to better dissipate heat and brake dust. It was something like that. The drilled is more prone to cracking so i went with dimpled and slotted. the slotted is supposed to be a lot better to dissipate rain. 04 GTO calipers soon to come.

11-18-09, 12:48 PM
Nice! Well definitely post pictures of your install...