: Fiberglass enclosure info

11-17-09, 12:02 PM
Ok i posted a while back about making two fiberglass boxes for my 00 Deville, well now its time to get to work, but i have two questions, the first one is i see people using masking tape to make the form in the trunk, do i have to use masking tape or can i use clear box sealing tape, and can i use a plastic sheet taped down instead of using a lot of tape? I have unlimited access to the plastic sheeting and the clear tape, im not cheap but why pay for stuff i can get free?? In these two pics they used tape, one regular masking tape the other green tape. my boxes will be like these two so i can save on weight and trunk space, and make for a nicer system. Oh and i do have a third question, is there a noticable difference between the sound these boxes make vs. a regular sealed or ported box? I just dont want there to be a huge difference between the pro box i have now and the two fiberglass boxes, i know there will be i just dont want to be pissed off, any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Fantasy Toys
12-01-09, 09:57 AM
Masking tape is the easiest thing to use since it sticks to the factory carpet better than clear packing tape. The sound it will produce will vary due to many factors. Internal Airspace, Woofer selection, and box thickness being the most important ones. You can also add a tuned port to the box if added output if needed.