View Full Version : 03 deville gmos/harnesses/wiring???

11-16-09, 12:56 AM
i'm picking up an 03 deville tomorrow and want to install a jvc 810 in-dash dvd/nav. i've been reading through all the info here but it gets confusing and contradicting so i'm hoping somebody can clarify what i plan to do...

for the install i'll need the harness for the steering controls to work and either the gmos 03 or 06 to keep everything else functioning? i can't recall if it's bose or not, i do know it's not factory nav though. i'll know tomorrow for sure but i'm 99% sure it's non bose/non nav. but would i still need a regular old wire harness or does the gmos take care of that?

from there i can just run everything else like a usual install, correct?

i also see people talking about keeping the orig head unit stashed somewhere and i haven't exactly figured out why yet. is there something i'm missing?

thanks a lot.

11-24-09, 12:57 AM
Get the GMOS-06. The reason people relocate the factory headunit in the trunk is because the headunit is tied into the theft system and car data bus. If you remove the headunit from the car, all sorts of gremlins will show up.