: Code 54. Car cranks but won't start.

11-15-09, 09:40 PM
Pretty self explanatory. Three days after my mechanic said the car was fine, it won't start. I ran the OBD and got code 54, which wont clear from the OBD.
Code 54 is "Fuel Pump Relay"

I switched the Fuel Pump Relay out with the horn relay, which is of the same specs, and nothing changes. I checked the Fuel Pump fuse, the injector fuse and ignition fuses, and they are all good.

Per the DSM, I verified that the fuel pump comes on for 2 seconds when the ignition is turned. It does come on, as specified. I attempted to verify that the injectors are spraying fuel when the engine cranks, which they do not. I used a test light to verify that the injectors have power on terminal A when the ignition is on, which they do. I switched out the oil pressure switch with a new one, and verified that there is voltage there when ignition is on (Oil pressure light on dash functions properly.)

The fuel pump is new, and the sending unit and the fuel filter. But my guess is, either there is something not connected or a short, OR the fuel pump is just plain bad. I suppose I might not be getting any spark, but the only code I am getting with the OBD is code 54 in parameter -01.

Any lights would be helpful. I have to call tomorrow and try to get it towed to my mechanic. I'm supposed to be going to Louisville to put a down payment on an apartment, but looks like I will have to wait.

11-16-09, 10:53 AM
You can usually smell if the car is getting gas and no spark cause it floods pretty good. Maybe a clogged filter but I would probably focus on the pump. It may still make the noise but maybe its not pumping correctly.

11-16-09, 11:07 AM
Yah, that's what I figured. Mechanic is switching out the pump today.

11-17-09, 03:54 PM
Ok, the verdict is: the line that goes from the pump to the tank inlet, which was split and spitting gas back into the tank. My mechanic replaced the pump, still had the problem, so he took a closer look and found this. I hope to be on my way to Louisville within the hour.