: 94 FWD - power steering pulley

425 Dual Quad
11-15-09, 05:13 AM
Quick question - I'm pretty sure I need a new p/s pump - the steering jerks at close to full lock at low revs when manouvering so I think it is on its way out (max stress on the pump, lowest revs available to turn it).

I've got a pump but was thinking on replacing the pulley as well since there is a possibility it is slipping on the shaft (it did this on my 93 FWB about 8 months ago - was rattling round!) but I can't find a new one at Rock Auto so I'm concerned if they are available. (I got all my other stuff there and they seems to stock most all available service items)

Looking at the pic of the pump is the centre of the driveshaft for the pulley hexagonal or has it got a keyway?

I can't remember how the pulley fits on and I left it at the shop on Friday. - I took one look at where the p/s pump was and thought 'that's a more difficult job than on the '93 and I've got to go away for 3 weeks so they can do it while I'm away'.

Does anyone know hte full story please - base LT1 engine stuff I hope!

regards & thanks as always,

11-15-09, 10:41 AM
I bet that there is nothing wrong with your steering. I will predict that your water pump is leaking out of the weep hole on the bottom, and it is dripping on your serpentine belt. This causes the steering to slip under high load. With the car off, and cold, feel under the water pump. If there is any moisture, it is time to change the water pump.

425 Dual Quad
11-16-09, 04:59 AM

Thanks - really! Would that mean new water pump then? And if it is doing that probably a new Optispark since I've heard that if the water pump goes out it leaks into the Optispark and kills it also.

I'll take a look at the belt

regards, Nick

425 Dual Quad
11-16-09, 08:45 AM
Jay, (and all)
I checke dthe weep hole today - bone dry TG!
I noticed the belt was very cracked on the ribs and glazed on its top surface. I was in two minds to replace it anyway and now seeing it I'll definitely be putting a new one on.
There was no squeaking or squealing but I bet the belt is the culprit.

Wored of advice to all - check the condition of your serpentine belt before you need to. A cheap $30 preventative maintenance over 90k miles (if you know what I mean)

regards, Nick