: pioneer stereo

11-14-09, 05:42 PM
I have a pioneer deh-p4100ub stereo I would like to put in my 96 Eldo (non Bose). Question is, where do I get the plug in harness or do I have to splice wires? Also, I would like to keep the steering wheel controls and the chime alarm if I could. I know they make them, but I don't know which units I need. Installer.com makes "GMRC-03" (chimes), and the steering wheel control unit is "PAC SWI-PS". Problem is, I'm not sure if these are the right ones. I don't know which wire harness to get. If anybody is familiar with this I'd really appreciate it. If I have to sacrifice the wheel controls and chimes, so be it. But it would be nice to have them.

11-15-09, 03:12 PM
check out my "CLEAN hu install right below your post, it has a lot of great links to other threads, not to mention N*Caddy who makes the harnesses.

12-16-09, 01:31 PM
For all the hardheads out there, (especially myself), who want to replace the factory radio, 96 Eldo, (non Bose), don't buy the unit from PAC. It won't do what you want. Buy the plugs, 1 straight and 1 reverse, relocate the hu to the trunk or wherever, Connect ALL the wires except the speaker and antenna trigger to the 2 plugs you bought. The phone wires aren't necessary unless you have a phone. Split the wires on the front plug so the wires you need go to the relocated hu and the speaker and antenna wires go to the new hu. On the new hu, you need to run a constant hot from the battery and a switched hot (I used the pink wire from the window switch), if you want the 10 minute delay. Your steering wheel controls won't work yet. I bought a PAC SW1PS for that. Haven't had time to put that in yet, so I don't know if that will work. Other than the sw controls, everything works like a champ. Oh yeah, almost forgot, on the factory hu, you need to connect a speaker (little one) to the left front speaker output on the factory hu. I ran 2 extra wires in the harness I made to put the little speaker up front. There's plenty of room under the hvac controls. You'll have to move some pins around in the plugs you bought to match the factory plug, no big deal. This setup works.