View Full Version : using Iphone with Navi unit

11-13-09, 12:28 PM
Ok wondering if anyone els who has the 2003 navi unit in there seville has a problem with there iphone giving htem static
if i have the iphone pluged into the harness and also have the charger pluged in at the same time i get the worst static any idea what is going on

11-13-09, 07:41 PM
Yeah, the problem is your charger. Is not good filtering the spark plug and alternator noise (the statics you hear are following the RPMs). I am not sure there is a charger (even the most expensive) with a filter (I mean a filter not a good enough filter). Is just a DC to DC converter no AC involved thus no need to filter anything. You can listen all day long with no statics as long as you don’t charge it. You can build your own filter if you want, all you need is one choke (is basically a coil around a iron coil looking a lot like a miniature transformer) a diode any 1 A or larger diode should do-it and a capacitor say 1000 mF 25V (you can go as low as 16V but I rather go with a 25, 32 or larger, is safer).
Put the choke in serial with the load, the diode in paralel with the load, obviously the cathode to + (the cathode is the pin with the ring) and the same goes with the capacitor (parallel with the load and the band (marked with -) to 0V).