: Market for XLR wheels

11-12-09, 03:08 PM
is there a market for used factor wheels out there? Have any of you replaced wheels with aftermarket and found there was a market for the originals? I have my eyes on some OZ Racing wheels but would like to see if i can get anything for my current.

11-13-09, 12:11 PM
I still have my XLR-V wheels I'd like to sell... but haven't tried. Ebay is littered with them for what its worth.

I'm guessing you'll get something for them, but it'll porbably be just a few hundred dollars.

11-19-09, 12:33 AM
Two hardest parts of a car to sell:

1. wheels.
2. doors.

Verify this with any salvage yard.

I recently purchased 4 chrome BMW 18" wheels for $340. Local pick up. Nice set up, with center caps. No TPMS included.
also bought a set of 4 BMW 18" alloys with run flat tires for $600 delivered. 4,500 miles on wheels and tires.

Some legit guy on craigslist has been selling sets of four chrome 16 inch CTS rims for $225--total price; 17 inch STS rims (four) with (like) new michelins for a total price of $450 for 4 wheels and tires. He runs an ad every several weeks, and I have looked at his (used) rims. They are clean, no dents, no damage. They are likely new car take-offs, as he has a respected business, and has owned it for umpteen years.

I have also seen several sets of 18 and 19" wheels with tires at the parts dept of Infinity and Pontiac/GMC for about $600 total. Definitely new car/truck take offs.