: Visit to dealer results: trivial window problem

11-11-09, 05:12 PM
This was good...the service writer called me back after they worked on my 'V, but it seemed too soon. I had asked them to fix window-not-going-up voice problem, tranny hitting rev-limiter in drive, missing plastic retainers holding up front splashguard (behind air dam) and sticky lumbar support switch. Writer tells me when I get there that, "The voice recognition was set to female, you have to set it to a male voice so it will work." I had to keep from laughing. They "couldn't reproduce" tranny problem (prolly didn't try very hard), the lumbar switch is on order and "he forgot to replace the retainers for the splashguard". So to sum up, they did NOTHING to the car. My first trip to this dealership with this car. Years ago I brought my Olds Aurora there for service (under warranty). They didn't believe an Olds would have a 4yr 50k warranty (Auroras did) so they were going to charge me. I finally got them convinced, but they made me pay up front. Then they sent me a check for $398 to cover it. The next week they sent me another check for $398, which I dutifully returned to them. The following week they sent ANOTHER check for $398. Again, I returned it. Makes you wonder how they survive.
Anyway, I think I have them on the "needs to be a male voice" thing. I studied German in high school and I was messing around with the german voice recognition today. Naturally the window behaves the same in any language. I hate being "told it's raining" by these guys if you know what I mean. Does anyone have any good experience with any caddy dealers in the NY area about 80 miles north of NYC??? I'd love to find a good service dept.

11-11-09, 05:39 PM
i hear you on that i had family at a dealer only place were crap would get fixed but gm pulled cadillac from them and now the dealer i go to now all i get from them is we couldnt reproduce i had gone in as my radio would freez every so often the car would feel like its having a missfire at idle and the trans liked to slip when cold they could not get it to do any of it but when i pick the car up it does the trans issue for me on the way home.

Berger 93
11-12-09, 11:40 AM
Sounds exactly like my first expereince with my V's service . . . the only thing worth while was a day long test drive of a new CTS . . .

Male vrs female . . . to funny . . . there is a setting for male or female for the voice to "talk" to you . . not recognise you . . . :lol:

"Could not reproduce" . . . "Could not duplicate" If I got a doller for every print out from a stealer I have I'd be pretty rich . . .

Returned a car with a part on order . . . interesting . . .

"FORGOT" that is unacceptable . . .

Like I said in a past post I will PAY money to a good dealer . . . if they existed in my area . . . :(

11-23-09, 06:10 PM
=d =d