: Happy Veterans Day

11-11-09, 11:43 AM
:usflag: :patriot:

11-11-09, 12:05 PM
Second that. To my Dad (USAF retired 28 years), both brothers-in-law (USAF retired and USAF active duty) and sister (USAF Reserves) along with all of our veterans thank you. :patriot:

11-11-09, 12:11 PM
My flag is displayed at the house and at work. :patriot:

Before I get my a$$ kicked:

Rules for the Non-Military

Dear Civilians, 'We know that the current state of affairs in our great nation has many civilians up in arms and excited to join the military.

For those of you who can't join, you can still lend a hand. Here are a few of the areas where we would like your assistance:

1. The next time you see any adults talking (or wearing a hat) during the playing of the National Anthem - kick their a$$.

2. When you witness, firsthand, someone burning the American Flag in protest - kick their a$$.

3. Regardless of the rank they held while they served, pay the highest amount of respect to all veterans. If you see anyone doing otherwise, quietly pull them aside and explain how these veterans fought for the very freedom they bask in every second. Enlighten them on the many sacrifices these veterans made to make this Nation great. Then hold them down while a disabled veteran kicks their a$$.

4. If you were never in the military, DO NOT pretend that you were. Wearing battle dress uniforms (BDUs) or Jungle Fatigues, telling others that you used to be 'Special Forces'.
Collecting GI Joe memorabilia, might have been okay when you were seven years old, now, it will only make you look stupid and get your a$$ kicked.

5. Next time you come across an *Air Force* member, do not ask them, 'Do you fly a jet?' Not everyone in the Air Force is a pilot. Such ignorance deserves an a$$-kicking (children are exempt).

6. If you witness someone calling the *US Coast Guard* 'non-military', inform them of their mistake - and kick their a$$.

7. Next time Old Glory (the US flag) prances by during a parade, get on your damn feet and pay homage to her by placing your hand over your heart. Quietly thank the military member or veteran lucky enough to be carrying her - of course, failure to do either of those could earn you a severe a$$-kicking.

8. Don't try to discuss politics with a military member or veteran. We are Americans, and we all bleed the same, regardless of our party affiliation. Our Chain of Command is to include our Commander-In-Chief (CinC). The President (for those who didn't know) is our CinC regardless of political party. We have no inside track on what happens inside those big important buildings where all those representatives meet. All we know is that when those civilian representatives screw up the situation, they call upon the military to go straighten it out. If you keep asking us the same stupid questions repeatedly, you will get your a$$ kicked.

9. 'Your mama wears combat boots' never made sense to me - stop saying it! If she did, she would most likely be a vet and therefore would kick your a$$!

10. Bin Laden and the Taliban are not Communists, so stop saying 'Let's go kill those Commies!' And stop asking us where he is! Crystal balls are not standard issue in the military. That reminds me - if you see anyone calling those damn psychic phone numbers, let me know, so I can go kick their a$$!

11. 'Flyboy' (*Air Force*), 'Jarhead' (*Marines*), 'Grunt' (*Army*), 'Squid' (*Navy*), 'Puddle Jumpers' (*Coast Guard*), etc., are terms of endearment we use describing each other. Unless you are a service member or vet, you have not earned the right to use them. Using them could get your a$$ kicked.

12. Last, but not least, whether or not you become a member of the military, support our troops and their families. Every Thanksgiving and religious holiday that you enjoy with family and friends, please remember that there are literally thousands of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen far from home wishing they could be with their families. Thank God for our military and the sacrifices they make every day. Without them, our Country would get it's a$$ kicked.

'It's the Veteran, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press.'

'It's the Veteran, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech.'

'It's the Veteran, not the community organizer, who gives us the freedom to demonstrate.'

'It's the Military who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.'


13. If you ever see anyone either standing for or singing the national anthem in Spanish - KICK THEIR A$$.

If you got this email and didn't pass it on - guess what - you deserve to get your a$$ kicked!

I sent this to you, because I didn't want to get my a$$ kicked.



11-11-09, 12:24 PM
Ranger, you mis-spelled "Veteran"

By Russ Vaughn
2nd Bn, 327th Parachute Regiment
101 Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-67

Most humans truly are like sheep
Wanting nothing more than peace to keep
To graze, grow fat and raise their young,
sweet taste of clover on the tongue.

Their lives serene upon life's farm
They sense no threat nor fear no harm
On verdant meadows, they forage free
with naught to fear, with naught to flee
They pay their sheepdogs little heed
for there is no threat, there is no need

To the flock, sheepdogs are mysteries
Roaming watchful round the peripheries
These fang toothed creatures bark, they roar
With the fetid reek of the carnivore
Too like the wolf of legends told
To be amongst our docile fold

Who needs sheepdogs? What good are they.
They have no use, not in this day
Lock them away, out of our sight
We have no need of their fierce might

But sudden in their midst a beast
Has come to kill, has come to feast
The wolves attack, they give no warning
Upon that calm September morning
They slash and kill with frenzied glee
Their passive helpless enemy
Who had no clue the wolves were there
Far roaming from their Eastern lair

Then from the carnage, from the rout
Comes the cry, "Turn the sheepdogs out"
Thus is our nature but too our plight
To keep our dogs on leashes tight
And live a life of illusive bliss
Hearing not the beast, his growl, his hiss
Until he has us by the throat,
We pay no heed, we take no note

Not until he strikes us at our core
Will we unleash the dogs of war
Only having felt the wolf packs wrath
Do we loose the sheepdogs on its path

And the wolves will learn what we've shown before

11-11-09, 12:34 PM
To all of our Veterans, thank you for your service to our country and years of sacrifice for our protection.


11-11-09, 12:39 PM
I did my three years, eleven months, and eighteen days in the U S Navy and it was a privilege that fewer and fewer Americans are enjoying. It was a million dollar experience that I wouldn't give ten cents to repeat but I would even at my age if the country needed me. It wouldn't hurt some of you young guys to get off your dead ass and give it some serious consideration. It's quite a feeling to be part of something that's bigger than yourself.

11-11-09, 12:41 PM
To all who have served in all branches of the U.S. Military, thank you for your dedication and support, without your sacrifices we would not be a Great Nation. You are truly special, and our appreciation, thoughts and prayers are always with you.

11-11-09, 01:03 PM
Here are some numbers of the most brave servicemen/servicewomen who has paid the highest price for protecting our Freedoms, God bless each of them:

The table below has information about the total number of service members, battle deaths, and nonmortal woundings in wars from 1775 to 2006; such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I and II, Vietnam, and more.
American Revolution (17751783) Total servicemembers217,000Battle deaths4,435Nonmortal woundings6,188War of 1812 (18121815) Total servicemembers286,730Battle deaths2,260Nonmortal woundings4,505Indian Wars (approx. 18171898) Total servicemembers106,0001Battle deaths1,0001Mexican War (18461848) Total servicemembers78,718Battle deaths1,733Other deaths in service (nontheater)11,550Nonmortal woundings4,152Civil War (18611865) Total servicemembers (Union)2,213,363Battle deaths (Union)140,414Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Union)224,097Nonmortal woundings (Union)281,881Total servicemembers (Conf.)1,050,000Battle deaths (Conf.)74,524Other deaths in service (nontheater) (Conf.)59,2972Nonmortal woundings (Conf.)unknownSpanish-American War (18981902) Total servicemembers306,760Battle deaths385Other deaths in service (nontheater)2,061Nonmortal woundings1,662World War I (19171918)3 Total servicemembers4,734,991Battle deaths53,402Other deaths in service (nontheater)63,114Nonmortal woundings204,002Living veteransfewer than 251World War II (19401945)3 Total servicemembers16,112,566Battle deaths291,557Other deaths in service (nontheater)113,842Nonmortal woundings671,846Living veterans3,242,0001Korean War (19501953) Total servicemembers5,720,000Serving in-theater1,789,000Battle deaths33,741Other deaths in service (theater)2,833Other deaths in service (nontheater)17,672Nonmortal woundings103,284Living veterans3,086,4001Vietnam War (19641975) Total servicemembers8,744,000Serving in-theater3,403,000Battle deaths47,424Other deaths in service (theater)10,785Other deaths in service (nontheater)32,000Nonmortal woundings153,303Living veterans7,286,5001Gulf War (19901991) Total servicemembers2,225,000Serving in-theater665,476Battle deaths147Other deaths in service (theater)382Other deaths in service (nontheater)1,565Nonmortal woundings467Living veterans1,852,0001America's Wars Total Military service during war43,185,893Battle deaths653,708Other deaths in service (theater)14,560Other deaths in service (nontheater)525,930Nonmortal woundings1,447,281Living war veterans17,835,0004Living veterans23,976,000Global War on Terror (as of Sept. 30, 2006)5 Total Servicemembers (Worldwide)1,384,968Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan165,000Battle Deaths3,776Other Deaths (In Theater)958Non-mortal Woundings21,649Living Veterans588,92361. Veterans Administration estimate as of Sept. 30, 2006.
2. Estimated figure. Does not include 26,00031,000 who died in Union prisons.
3. Years of U.S. involvement in war.
4. Approximately 1,065,000 veterans had service in multiple conflicts. They are counted under each conflict, but only once in the total.
5. For the most current GWOT statistics, visit: http://www1.va.gov/opa/fact/amwars.asp (http://www1.va.gov/opa/fact/amwars.asp)
6. VA estimate does not include those still on active duty and may include veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Source: Department of Defense and Veterans Administration.

Sorry for the difficult transition into the post, here is the link, http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0004615.html

A measure of commitment of 'The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived' is that in 1940 the population of the U.S.A. was 132M, 16.1M Americans troops provided service in WW II, equaling 12.2% of Americans, which does not take into account non-Military jobs in the factories that provided equipment for our troops.

11-11-09, 01:43 PM
Thanks............Went to the VFW for lunch, told sea stories, and held a memorial service for those lost in combat. Most of us were lucky, some weren't. Whether they lie at the bottom of the oceans or the top of the mountains, never forget. Americans, if we let down our guard for an instant, this country is history.

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Me, my sister, my dad and my uncle, now a Col. in the Air Force, in front of a B2 stealth bomber.


11-11-09, 04:58 PM
Ranger, you mis-spelled "Veteran"
Took 5 minutes to figure out what you where talking about. I must have fat fingered it (I know better). Thanks to whoever corrected it. :hide:

11-11-09, 05:11 PM
To every Veteran and family member on this site....Thank You. I don't get teary-eyed much, but Veterans and their service are among the few things that can ever get me even close.

11-11-09, 10:24 PM
Thanks to all the veterans. We'll never be able to repay you enough, but thanks again.

11-11-09, 10:46 PM
Sixty-plus years after, my Uncle Austin, one of the strongest men I've ever known, couldn't talk about his service at D-Day or the bombing and fighting at St. Lo (and flat refused to for decades) without tears. My dad would never talk about his service in Korea, even though he'd been decorated for it. Our veterans pay in far more than blood for the freedom and liberty we enjoy. There is no way we can ever repay their sacrifices.

11-11-09, 11:20 PM
To my:

Father -- George - 1943 -- Navy
Brother -- George Jr. -- 1961 -- Air Force
Brother Dennis -- 1964 -- Navy
Sister -- Celila -- 1970 -- Air Force
Brother -- Rick -- 1973 -- Air Force

11-12-09, 09:02 AM
To all you veterans out there, THANK YOU!!!