: Official Project "Catera" thread

11-10-09, 08:28 PM
Ok since today I got started on tearing this car apart and messing with it. I'll keep all my updates in here. So far the list of add on's is:

* Pioneer Z110BT
* Real cf dash kit (began tonight, debating color at this point)
* White led conversion for all interior lights (close to the newer caddy lights)
* 2 more lighter plugs
* AC Inverter
* 35% tint
* remote start/alarm
* Full custom cf/ fiberglass trunk setup with plexi and led's
* Real 150db train horn setup (included in trunk)
* Maybe a cf engine cover if i get bored enough

Next year I'll focus on the outer body and suspension/wheels since Chicago winters are brutal enough.

Ill take some pics tomorrow morning when i lay the cf and pick my color or wrap

11-11-09, 12:04 AM
Uhhhghhh. OK... Good luck I guess... But how is this an "Official Project "Catera" Thread" again?... :hmm:

11-11-09, 12:17 PM