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11-10-09, 03:42 AM
Hey Jay, I'm not looking at repeating my last threads, just looking to see what feedback I get here! As previously posted on Impala SS Forum:

Somebody give me some hope on trying to fix this car. Here's the story. I had been looking for a 93-96 Fleetwood all around Orange County and Los Angeles. I finally found one with leather tan interior the way I wanted and a black paint. The radio didn't work and the top needs work but it didn't matter and I agreed on purchasing it for 3k, made by weekly payments of $500. Well, I failed to pay registration and I still haven't (I don't even want to think of the lates fees) due to the reason that it failed two smog checks, weeks after I brought it home.

Again I thought nothing of it as It could be something as simple as replacing the EGR, O2 Sensors or cat converters. Well then the transmission started slipping at 25mph. I have yet to take it to the shop for a diagnostics as I am short on money, on unemployment actually. And now, the inside windshield keeps fogging up and when I looked under the hood I saw tiny drops of coolant on top of the coolant reservoir. Among those issues, the pass key fault keeps going on, yet it isn't a major problem, back right window rolling down crooked and the level ride not adjusting the back height. And to top all that off, the car has a salvage title and the owner is always "too busy" to be on the phone. I live in Garden Grove, California. Orange County, if anybody knows any reliable shops or people. I might be making it worse by not being much of a mechanic myself but this is my true first car and I only know what I've learned so far on the internet, on forums such as these. I once thought the trunk motor needed replacing but it turned out to be a burnt fuse. Here are some pictures, of when I first got it in May of this year.

I like to think that it may seem hard at the moment as I am out of a job and this is my only car and got an ok car for the price.






11-10-09, 08:11 AM
How many payments are you in? If I were you I'd return the car, even if it means you lose the first $1000 or whatever you've already paid. Maybe if you explain your unemployment situation you can work something out and get part of what you already paid refunded.

The reason is I see a rough road ahead. A slipping transmission is a big deal, tranny work is expensive, and that isn't your only issue. Even if you get everything fixed it's debatable whether the car is still even worth $3000 or $2500 with a salvage title. If you can get out of this, do it. The last thing you need is to spend $3000 on a car that can't be driven.

11-10-09, 09:00 AM
look into lemon laws? Salvaged title is bad, and if the owner didn't tell you it was a salvage title that might be something to look into (not sure about your state's lemon laws though)

but it is a nice looking car. :D

11-10-09, 09:02 AM
Agreed on that, 100%. Hold off on cadillac dreams until later I suppose.

And DEFINITELY look into California's lemon laws. You might be able to get your money back through court if you weren't informed about some of these problems, especially the transmission thing and the salvage title.

11-10-09, 05:28 PM
Well he was holding on to the car until I paid for it in full. It wasn't until I made the last payment that he handled me the title and I saw the Salvage title. He told me it was due to the insurance putting in the new transmission with the previous owner. I had VIN checkup and can't see what caused the title to be salvage. I haven't had any problem getting insurance for it though, or at least that was until the plates expired last month. The transmission went bad after I had it because it ran fine for about a month after I picked it up. I yet to have it diagnosed, I hope it's something as small as the TCC.

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