: northstar crank sensors

11-09-09, 09:36 PM
ok guys my first post. Iam currently building a 98 seville sls that im turbo charging. the question I have concerns crank sensors. the motor I built is a mixture of northstars I had lying around. ok here it goes, the block is a 2002 out of a dts. the heads are 98 with vin 9 cams and springs. due to the fact that the car is a 98 im using old style crank sensors. so I have a 98 crank in the 2002 block which uses the "new" style sensors.so im running the "old style sensors in the 02 block. as far as I can tell the hole depths are the same. however the magnetic tip appears to be contacting the reluctor wheel on the crank. has anyone ever monitored the ac voltage output of these crank sensors? ive modified (ground down) the tips and still no spark or injector pulse. the sensors are generating around 1 volt ac. this seems to be the correct voltage as compaired to a running vehicle. If any one has another test let me know. ps I work as a cadillac tech w about 15 years exp. so ive checked the basics like codes and wiring.

11-10-09, 09:29 AM
The blocks, crankshafts, reluctor wheels, PCM, harness, and sensors are different from 2000-on. I wonder if there's some sort of mismatch going on. If only the block is different, running 1998 guts, would new style (one gray, one black) sensors work - they all give the same trigger voltage.........if you're running the early waste spark 4-coil ignition with ICM it should still work. Anything in your ECM that would trip a theft lock ignition cutoff ???